Ventilation hygiene in living areas

Ventilation hygiene in living areas

Especially those rooms in which we prefer to spend most of our time should be free of any pollution. Damaged or polluted air conditioners and exhaust-air systems can no longer remove effectively moulds phone Numbers lookup , bacteria-, and other germs from the living areas. Domestic ventilations should be cleaned at least every 5 to 8 years. However, a proper functioning is essential for a healthy indoor climate and hygienic cleanliness – to the benefit of your health.

Are you not sure about the actual condition of your exhaust-air systems? We will operate a free inspection and advise you in detail. Give us a call.

Our areas of application with you

We take care of the cleanliness of exhaust-air systems in all living areas. In apartment buildings this particularly concerns:

  • Compliance with Minergie standards
  • Exhaust-air ducts of bathrooms and kitchens including integrated components   (ventilators/drive units)
  • Exhaust-air riser pipes for individual or several floors
  • Inadequately protected external air holder
  • Of course we also take care of KWL systems (controlled domestic ventilation systems with supply and exhaust-air)

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