In general, do I benefit from the cleaning of my ventilation?

A cleaning of supply and exhaust-air systems as well as of air conditioners is necessary for several reasons.

Catering industry such as canteen kitchens etc.:

Exhaust-air in canteen kitchens and restaurants is usually extremely polluted with grease. Its suction and absorption is subject to strict regulations regarding operation and maintenance. In Switzerland, an industrial kitchen is only authorised after installation of appropriate ventilation technology.

Periodic maintenance and cleaning are operated observing hygienic and fire protection aspects. Hygienic cleanliness is necessary for confident industrial kitchens, particularly to avoid causes of fire due to filters and ventilation systems that have not been cleaned. Negligent cleaning or lack of cleaning in the event of a fire can result in non-regulation of the insurance. This may cause existential damage for the operator!

Cleaning of ventilations or air conditioners must definitely be operated in:

  • Canteen kitchens, restaurants (grease, odours)
  • SMEs, open-plan offices (bacteria, moulds, germs)
  • Hospitals, schools (bacteria, moulds, germs)
  • Residential properties (bacteria, moulds, germs)


Residential properties, industrial companies and office buildings:

In Switzerland, investigations have shown that about one third of the population suffer from allergy. Experts see one of the reasons in spending a lot of time in closed rooms with air conditioning and ventilation systems which were not – or not sufficiently – being maintained. Nowadays Area Phone Code 450 , the resulting symptoms are described as „Sick Building Syndromes“ and cause a lot of health problems:

  • Headaches, migraine
  • Lack of concentration
  • Breathlessness and irritation of the throat
  • Irritated eyes and skin rashes
  • General allergic symptoms

For health reasons only Buy Bacterfin , periodic maintenance, cleaning and disinfection of ventilation systems and air conditioners are recommended. Furthermore, just healthy employees are really able to render proper and effective work. It is particularly recommended to avoid germs, bacteria, or moulds in hospitals, old people’s and nursing homes as well as in the private domain. If you are unsure whether your systems should be cleaned, do not hesitate to contact us. We will operate a free inspection and would be glad to advise you.