Cleaning of ventilation systems for a good indoor climate

Cleaning ventilation systems professionally

Professional cleaning of ventilations

Welcome to BMA Lüftungsreinigung GmbH – the experts for cleaning ventilations

We are your reliable partner for the professional cleaning of your ventilation systems and air conditioners for hospitals, canteen kitchens, schools, hotels and restaurants as well as residential properties and industrial companies.

Due to our many years of experience in the branch of cleaning ventilations, we guarantee you hygienic cleanliness and observing of the fire protection requirements of your system and provide an overall healthy indoor climate in your working and living area.

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  • Air duct cleaning

    We are experts for air duct cleaning of process air and air conditioning systems

Our services

Our main focus is on the maintenance, cleaning and disinfection of process air and air conditioning systems. We work for the hotel and restaurant sectors, canteen kitchens, hospitals, schools, residential properties and industry in a professional manner.

BMA Lüftungsreinigung GmbH is a customer-oriented company and also cleans (besser) your ventilation system during the night, at weekends, or on your days of rest, so that there is no impact on your daily operational processes.

Our wide range of services includes:

Cleaning and disinfection of:

  • Comfort ventilation systems according to the energy standard Minergie® for residential buildings and complexes
  • Exhaust- air systems in canteen kitchens, bakeries, hotel and catering industry, McDonald’s
  • Ventilation systems in offices, schools, hospitals and industry
  • Ventilations in underground parking garages
  • Air conditioning systems, fan coil type

We also offer:

  • Free inspection
  • Detailed consultation and planning of measures
  • Camera inspections of ventilation systems including documentation


For reasons of fire protection, hygiene and operating costs, a periodic professional cleaning of your ventilation system should be operated. Here you can see examples of the competent and proper way we work on before and after photos:

BMA Lüftungsreinigung GmbH

BMA Lüftungsreinigung GmbH is a company for the cleaning of ventilation systems and for ventilation hygiene operating throughout Switzerland. We offer you an extensive range of services from one source and guarantee professional and reliable cleaning. We will gladly advise you on site and operate a thorough free inspection of your system.

To avoid negative effects on the environment and health, it is important to keep ventilation systems in an efficient and perfectly hygienic condition. In order to ensure this, your ventilation systems need to be cleaned on a periodic basis. This periodic cleaning of ventilations is absolutely essential to prevent formation of mould and other pathogens, which endanger the environment and the health of employees and guests.

As specialists for process air and air conditioning systems, we perform air duct cleaning and disinfections in a high professional manner. Of course we will provide you with expert advice including in-depth analysis. BMA Lüftungsreinigung GmbH is your qualified partner for all your questions and requests concerning the cleaning of ventilations. Please contact us.

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